It's an honor that you would want to connect with me to discuss Lifestyle Design.  Maybe you want to learn more about my UnpackED Program, bring me in as a speaker, interview me for your media outlet or simply ask a question about something you've seen or read here on the site.  No matter big or small your request, I want to thank you in advance for taking time to reach out.

So that you get the most accurate response to your question.  Let me provide just a bit of information.

  1. Short and to the point.  Don't be afraid to just ask for what you want.  I'd much rather find out if I can help.

  2. Consulting (one-on-one) - I typically have specific intake periods for my UnpackED Program.  However, for any kind of one-on-one work that involves my personal time.  I'm not "always available" or "on call".   Be advised: I charge A LOT for my time because I invest heavily to make sure I deliver specific outcomes.

  3. Speaking - I enjoy speaking publicly, but I'm selective because I like speaking at events with a unique mission or purpose.  I like to tailor messages to the exact needs of the audience. I charge accordingly, so please only request if you are looking for a unique experience.

  4. Interviews - I'm flattered you believe I have a perspective your group can benefit from.  Still, before you reach out please respect that I'm most excited to connect with like minded groups who are just as passionate.  


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