Jet Set State (JSS) clients are location independent successful entrepreneurs and senior executives who have lost their direction in life and business, and are unable to break the negative spiral and lost their own sense of self. Our clients recognize the urgent need to recalibrate, so they can adapt and innovate without losing their creativity.



A personal program will run over a minimum of 4 months working flexibly around clients schedules, combining coaching, mentoring, and minimalism with challenging expeditions that are individually designed around each clients psychological make-up and developmental needs.



The JSS team is a collective of coaches, transformational leaders, mentors, and creative entrepreneurs who are key in supporting JSS clients in their journey of personal transformation. Founder, Jason Teeters, has spent the last 15 years learning how to adapt and innovate in the 21st century, in the US and across the globe, drawing upon skills learned as a Division I athlete, Solutions Architect, Industrial Organization Psychologist and Lifestyle Designer. Jason set up JSS as a response to a need to offer a unique approach to the New “American Dream”.



Jet Set State provides bespoke and revolutionary programs of Lifestyle Design. We help people create a vision of what they truly want and need to build and grow confidence in themselves and their business. Our clients have a different way of thinking about whats possible now instead of later. We incorporate expeditions to extraordinary places that challenge clients and provide a platform for coaching inquiry, which is consolidated between expeditions.